The Breakdown 

June 14

Coaches, players, referees and spectators are often on different pages when it comes to rugby. They see things from very different perspectives. But one thing all of these key stakeholders agree on is that the Breakdown (tackle and ruck) area is not fully understood. Many do not understand what they can or can't do, it happen so quickly and is so dynamic that many things can happen at once.

The follow series of clips have been provided to Rugby Canada by the Australian Rugby Union. They are the best video clips on the Tackle and Ruck that I have seen and should help all involved get a clearer picture of the Breakdown. 

Watch them in sequence to get a full understanding of this dynamic part of rugby. 


Tackle Definition

The Tackler

Tackled Players

Arriving Players

The Gate

Off-side at the Tackle

The Ruck


 Joining Players


Ball Out