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Vince Jones in his trademark "Vincemobile".
Vince Jones in his trademark "Vincemobile".


With files from Lindsay Rugby Football Club

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Vince Jones, a pillar of rugby in Lindsay, Ontario, who championed the sport across the province for decades.

Yesterday evening, this communication was issued by Lindsay RFC:

"Earlier this evening, just around the time of the final whistle of the men's game, Vince Jones breathed his last breath.

He died peacefully without regaining consciousness. His children, Derek and Bronwen, were with him, and are glad to know that his larger family and friends were all thinking about him today, with joy to have known him, and sadness to have lost him.

Arrangements are being finalized and will be posted to all as soon as they are made available.

The Lindsay Rugby Football Club."

Vince will be missed by all of Ontario's rugby community, as his spirit and dedication for the game was felt by rugby players across the province. Vince was known for the countless hours he poured into furthering this sport, and was inducted into the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame in 1999.

We would like to extend our sympathies to Vince's family and friends, as well as the Lindsay rugby community.

Vince will never be forgotten.


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