At the March Rugby Ontario Board Meeting, Directors approved a change to the Rugby Ontario Policy Document that refers to coaching in the province . 

Policy 4.3.10 was adjusted to the following:

All registered coaches coaching under 8 to under 10 rugby must have trained status inNCCP Community Initiation – Non-Contact Rugby. A trained status in NCCP Community Initiation – Contact Rugby or NCCP Competition Introduction Rugby or certification inNCCP Rugby Level 1 also satisfies this requirement.

All registered coaches coaching under 12 to under 16 rugby must have trained status inNCCP Community Initiation – Contact Rugby. A trained status in NCCP Competition Introduction Rugby or certification in NCCP Rugby Level 1 also satisfies this requirement.

 All registered coaches coaching under 18 to Senior must have certified status in NCCP Competition Introduction Rugby. A certification in NCCP Rugby Level 2 also satisfies this requirement.

(in effect for 2012)

The reasoning for the update in policy was to bring the coaching requirement in line with current NCCP courses and to make sure that the terminology used in policy 4.3.10 is consistent with the terms used in NCCP.

The separation of the requirement for U8/10 coaches and U12-16 coaches is to reflect that there is now training available in the NCCP Community Initiation – Non-Contact Rugby workshop and the NCCP Community Initiation –Contact Rugby workshop.

The requirement for under 18 to Senior coaches has been altered by updating the name of the certification require, bringing it in to line with the course currently offered through NCCP.

Equivalencies to other NCCP training or certification were also added.

Coaches need to ensure that there current coaching certification is up to date prior to the start of the season. For coaches who require updated training please refer to the Coaching page for course details. 

Coaches that are not sure of their current certification status should contact Rugby Ontario for details on their NCCP Transcripts.