Competition - Development

Competition Development

This context focuses on participants who are coaching in highly competitive levels of rugby. Players are refining basic rugby skills, developing more advanced skills and tactics and are generally preparing for performance at provincial and national level competitions.

Comp-Dev targets coaches working with athletes in the Train to Compete, Train to Perform and Ultimate Performance stages of the LTRD.

Certification in this context is comprised of:

Completion of all six Comp-Dev multi-sport modules.  These courses are run by Coaches Association of Ontario.  Click HERE for a calendar of Comp-Dev courses available in Ontario.

Completion of Designing a Basic Sport Program Module

Completion of the Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation

Completion of the NCCP Rugby Comp-Dev course (Currently in development by Rugby Canada)

Completion of a NCCP Rugby Comp-Dev evaluation (Currently in development by Rugby Canada)


Competiton – Development Advanced


Comp-Dev advanced certification is provided by the National Coaching Institute (NCI).

The National Coaching Institute Ontario (NCI Ontario) is a joint program of the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Sport Centre Ontario (CSC Ontario).

Coaches play an important role in our sport system, and the NCI Ontario offers various programs to help train high performance coaches and offers the Advanced Coaching Diploma towards certification in the Competition Development - Advanced level of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).


Please click here for more info on the Comp-Dev Advanced program


Please email Fran Mason for more info.

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