Gee Gage Cup

Gee Gage Cup

After the Marshall Premiership and Championship league season is completed, the annual Gee Gage Cup will take place for Rugby Ontario Marshall Premiership and Championship Senior Men's non-1st XV teams / Branch Union League Senior Men's 1st XV teams that would like to play in this playoff tournament.

Round 1: September 24 Away (score)  Home (score)  Venue  Kick-of
Game 1   Aurora Barbarians (0)
 Barrie RFC (53)
 Barrie Comm. Sports Complex  12:00PM
Game 2  Balmy Beach (14) 
 Toronto Scottish (42)
 Fletchers Fields  12:00PM
Game 3  Oakville Crusaders (22)
 Bay Street Pigs (33)
 Sunnybrook Park  1:30PM
Round 2: October 1        
Game 4  Aurora Barbarians  Toronto Scottish  Fletchers Field  1:30PM
Game 5  Barrie RFC  Oakville Crusaders  The Parkway  1:30PM
Game 6  Bay Street Pigs  Balmy Beach  T&G Gage Field  1:30PM
Round 3: October 15        
Game 7  Oakville Crusaders  Balmy Beach   T&G Gage Field  1:30PM
Game 8  Toronto Scottish  Barrie RFC   Barrie Comm. Sports Complex  1:30PM
Game 9  Bay Street Pigs  Aurora Barbarians   Fletchers Fields  1:30PM
Round 4: October 22        
Game 11  2nd Place   1st Place  Fletchers Fields  TBD 
Game 12  4th Place  3rd Place    Fletchers Fields  TBD
Game 13  6th Place  5th Place  Fletchers Fields  TBD


Cup Final
(1) Toronto Scottish II 13 v. (2) Balmy Beach II 27
12 p.m. | Fletcher's Fields (Markham, Ont.)

Consolation Final
(3) Crusaders II 31 v. (5) Burlington Centaurs I 39
9 a.m. | Crusaders Park (Oakville, Ont.)

Past Gee Gage Cup Champions


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