Junior Cup Day


Below are results from Rugby Ontario's 2014 Junior Cup Day. With 18 teams and 350+ athletes participating in competitive divisions, and a further five teams and 100+ athletes in a festival division, it was one of the most successful Junior Cup Days to date.

Thank you to all the players, coaches, parents, match officials, volunteers, and members of our rugby community who made the 2014 Junior Cup Day possible!

U18 Women's Champions - Oshawa Vikings

Oshawa Vikings earned the U18 women's provincial title by defeating local rival Peterborough Pagans 19-5 in the in Gold Final. 

Earlier in the day, Oshawa dispatched of London St. George's 43-5 in their semifinal.

London earned the U18 Bronze, shutting out Waterloo County 17-0.

Gold - Oshawa Vikings
Silver - Peterborough Pagans
Bronze - London St. George's

U18 Men's Champions - Oshawa Vikings

Oshawa Vikings secured a first-place finish in both U18 divisions, having also earned the U18 men's provincial title by defeating Eastern Ontario side Bytown Blues 10-0 in the in Gold Final. 

Earlier in the day, Oshawa shut out Sarnia Saints 39-0 in their semifinal.

Waterloo County earned the U18 Bronze, defeating Sarnia 11-0.

Gold - Oshawa Vikings
Silver - Bytown Blues
Bronze - Waterloo County

U16 Men's Champions - Oakville Crusaders

Oakville Crusaders earned the U16 men's provincial title by defeating Belleville Bulldogs 20-0 in the in Gold Final. 

Earlier in the day, Oakville defeated 2013 champions Brantford Harlequins 24-8 in their semifinal.

Brantford Harlequins claimed the U16 Bronze, defeating Bytown Blues 17-5.

Gold - Oakville Crusaders
Silver - Belleville Bulldogs
Bronze - Brantford Harlequins

U14 Men's Champions - Oakville Crusaders

Similar to Oshawa Vikings, Oakville Crusaders also became double-winners on 2014 Junior Cup Day, having earned the U14 men's provincial title by defeating Oshawa 52-5 in the in Gold Final. 

Earlier in the day, Balmy Beach defeated Brantford Harlequins 38-24 for the U14 Bronze, while Lindsay RFC edged Toronto City 25-22 for the U14 Plate.

Gold - Oakville Crusaders
Silver - Oshawa Vikings
Bronze - Balmy Beach

U15 Women's Festival Division

Thank you to the five club sides that participated in U15 women's festival division at the 2014 Junior Cup Day: Belleville Bulldogs, Brantford Harlequins, Oakville Crusaders, Peterborough Pagans, and an amalgamated team from Aurora Barbarians, Fergus Highland, Norfolk Harvester, Stoney Creek!

Each side played three matches throughout the day, and in keeping with festival-style tradition, the division focused on improving skills, learning more about the game, and above all, having fun.

Full Scores from 2014 Rugby Ontario Junior Cup Day


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