Below is the roster for the Ontario Jr. Blues U14 team selected to represent the province at the 2013 National Festival Championships in Vancouver. The U14s will play as two squads – Ontario 1 and Ontario 2 – competing in the Men’s U14 division against teams representing British Columbia and Washington. Fourteen rugby clubs from across Ontario have representation on this squad.

Ontario Jr. Blues U14 Travelling Roster: Name (Club)

William Abbott (Balmy Beach)

Mikkel Borggren (Toronto Nomads)                      

Aidan Brown (Aurora Barbarians)

Jack Clark (Oshawa Vikings) *Unable to play due to injury

Wade Coulter (Lindsay RFC)

Will Dodds (Oakville Crusaders)

Kielan Doo (Georgian Bay Titans)

Gareth Ellis (Toronto Nomads)

Joshua Engelbrecht (Oakville Crusaders)

Oscar Fisher (Oakville Crusaders)

Mason Flesch (Ajax Wanderers)

Roberto Fusciardi (Markham Irish)

Nicholas Galipo (Vaughan Yeomen)

Max Grant (Oshawa Vikings)

Cameron Haslam (Oakville Crusaders)

Joshua Ho (Markham Irish)

Dominic Johnson (Oakville Crusaders)

Finn Johnson (Toronto Nomads)

Nathan Jutronich (Oakville Crusaders)

Benjamin Kitor (Oakville Crusaders)

Owen McLean Lavado  (Ajax Wanderers)

Quentin McLean Lavado (Ajax Wanderers)

Scott Leonard (Oakville Crusaders)

Aaron Lewis (Oakville Crusaders)

Nathan Lorenz (Toronto Nomads)

Kevin MacDonald (Highland RFC)

Avery Oitomen (Oakville Crusaders)

Nathan Paul (Hamilton Hornets)

Liam Rose (Brantford Harlequins)

Colin Russell (Markham Irish)

Brendan Scrivo (Oakville Crusaders)

Calum Shannon (Brantford Harlequins)

Eric Sicker (Peterborough Pagans)

Dylan Slaughter (Oshawa Vikings)

Colin Smibert (Brantford Harlequins)

Callum Tam (Oakville Crusaders)

Gavin Tulk (Markham Irish)

Kevin Vertkas (Toronto Nomads)

Callaghan Wade (Oakville Crusaders)

Ethan Yhip (Oakville Crusaders)

Carson Young (Oshawa Vikings)

Colt Wintels (Lindsay RFC)

Ontario Jr. Blues U14 Team Staff:

Head Coach – Tom McLeod

Assistant Coach – Wayne Cramp

Assistant Coach – Sven Lavado

Assistant Coach – Kyle Ripley

Team Manager – Fran Mason


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