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Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame 

Rugby Ontario is proud to announce the five individuals selected for induction into the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame as the Class of 2014.

Honoured by the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Selection Committee as the twelfth group of enshrinees are Robert JenkinsIan MacMillanKarl SvobodaPhil White, and Mike Williams.

“The contributions and achievements made by these five individuals throughout the lengthy time they spent building the sport of rugby in Ontario make them an integral part of our history,” said David Nelson, Rugby Ontario President. “The Rugby Ontario Board of Directors is proud to unanimously approve the Selection Committee’s recommendation for their induction into the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame.”

The Class of 2014 will be honoured at the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Ceremony in Scarborough, Ont., on the evening of Dec. 6, 2014. The ceremony will be held at the Delta Toronto East Hotel, and will be followed by the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame and Awards Dinner.

2014 Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Ceremony Schedule:

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Hall of Fame Inductions
7:00pm - 7:45pm: After-Ceremony Drinks
7:45pm - 11:00pm: Hall of Fame and Awards Dinner

Tickets to the Hall of Fame Dinner are $85 each, or $600 for an eight-seat table / $750 for a ten-team table. The deadline to purchase tickets to the event is Nov. 28, 2014.

For more information regarding the purchasing of tickets, please refer to the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Dinner Ticket Order Form (please click to download form).

Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Inductees:


Paul Ambrose (2007)

Robert Jenkins (2014)

Ian Nicoll (2005)

Hedley Benyon (2006)

Dai Rhys Jones (2000)

George Pay (2000)

David Boswell (1999)

George Jones (1999)

Allen Piggott (2013)

Simon Blackwell (2008)

Ken Jones (2008)

John Platts (2002)

John Brown (1999)

Kevin Jones (2007)

Tony Postlethwaite (2006)

Eamonn Browner (2001)

Ron Jones (2001)

John Reich (2013)

David Burnett (2013)

Trevor Jones (2013)

Hal Rowan (1999)

George Carson (2000)

Vince Jones (1999)

John Russell (2001)

Al Charron (2006)

Helen Kaira (2006)

Ken Smith (2002)

Brian Chatland (2008)

Chris Krause (2000)

Karl Svoboda (2014)

Bill Curtis (2004)

Bishop G. Marshall (1999)

David Swift (2003)

Norm Donaldson (1999)

Ian MacMillan (2014)

Glenn Tarver (2008)

Anthony Earl (2000)

Jim McCann (2005)

Heather Vesh (2005)

Bob Elder (2004)

Vic McCormick (2001)

Natascha Wesch (2007)

Denis Fletcher (2002)

Bob McGeein (2008)

Phil White (2014)

Arthur Fowler (2000)

Rev. Fred Miller (1999)

Brian Williams (1999)

Iain Greig (2008)

Gina Minutillo (2003)

Mike Williams (2014)

John Guilfoyle (2003)

Ed Mitchell (2003)

Paul Wilson (2007)

Monty Heald (2004)

Malcolm ‘Mac’ Mitchell (2006)

Stan Woodburn (2001)

James Hugh (2001)

Ron Moss (2006)

Millar Young (2002)

Bob Illman (2007)

Larry Nancekivell (2002)

Murray Young (2004)

About the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame

Formed in 1999 to recognize, honour, and celebrate individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions with Rugby Ontario and the Ontario rugby community, the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame is housed online, and is accessible with a click of a mouse as part of the Rugby Ontario internet network.

To date, 58 individuals have been inducted into the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame, with five more to be honoured in December 2014.

Supplementary Documents:

Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Guidelines


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