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NCCP Rugby Competition Introduction Evaluation

Completing the NCCP Rugby Competition Introduction Evaluation is the final step needed to become certified at the Comp-Intro level.  If you are a coach looking to become certified please follow the steps outlined below.


The focus of the evaluation is on delivering an effective practice.  There are three sections to the evaluation; a before-practice meeting, the on-site evaluation and a post-practice review and debrief 


The coach is responsible for keeping copies of all documents submitted.



  1. The coach completes the Coach Profile form.
  2. The coach completes the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation.
  3. The coach contacts Technical Administrator at Rugby Ontario to initiate the evaluation process. The completed Coach Profile form must be attached to this email.
  4. Rugby Ontario assigns an evaluator to the coach.
  5. The coach and evaluator coordinate the date, time and location of the practice being evaluated. *
  6. The coach submits an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Practice Plan for the session that is being evaluated to the evaluator a minimum of forty-eight hours prior to the evaluation.
  7. Before-Practice Meeting.  The coach meets with the evaluator prior to the beginning of the practice.  The coach should have completed all preparations for the practice prior to this meeting.  The evaluator must have a copy of the Practice Plan and EAP.
  8. On-Site Evaluation. The coach conducts the practice. The practice must match the practice plan that was submitted and evaluated.
  9. The athletes must be a group that the coach works with on a regular basis OR a group of appropriate age class athletes.
  10. Post-Practice Review and Debrief.  The coach and evaluator complete a formal debrief immediately after the practice has concluded.


* If an evaluator is not available in a given region a video evaluation will take place.

Before-Practice meeting:

  1. The evaluator will review the overall procedure in conducting the on-site evaluation.
  2. The evaluator will review and discuss the candidate’s practice plan and EAP. 


On-Site evaluation:

  1. Candidate will run the practice, using the practice plan that has been provided to the evaluator.
  2. The evaluator will position him/herself to be able to hear and see the practice.  The evaluator will record comments on the NCCP Evaluation tool.
  3. The evaluator should refrain from commenting during the practice, unless there is an obvious safety hazard or breach of coaching ethics occurring.


Post-Practice Review and Debrief:

  1. The evaluator will complete the NCCP Evaluation tool
  2. The evaluator will conduct the debrief of the practice through a series of questions to the coach.
  3. The evaluator will then review the NCCP Evaluation tool with the candidate.  Emphasis will be placed on how the candidate can improve coaching performance.  The evaluator will also highlight the skills performed well by the candidate. The candidate will receive a copy of the evaluation form.
  4. If the coach was successful in demonstrating competence during the practice then the evaluator will submit all completed documents to Rugby Ontario as well as a completed NCCP CRF.
  5. If the coach was not successful in demonstrating competence during the practice then evaluator will outline some basic strategies as to how the coach can improve for next time and where additional training can be accessed.  The coach will be responsible for restarting the evaluation process with Rugby Ontario at a later date.


NCCP Introduction to Competition Evaluation Handbook 

Challenging Evaluation:

The entire NCCP process is Competency Based, which means that your final step in certification is the ability to prove that you can put into action the competencies that Coaches Association of Canada and Rugby Canada deem as minimum standards for coaching in Canada for Rugby. 

Coaches that have a strong background in rugby or have a high confidence in their coaching ability are able to go straight (Challenge) to Evaluation. They can do this by:

  1. Completing the above process 
  2. Ensure Rugby Ontario is aware that the coach is wishing to challenge
  3. Pay $200 for the evaluation. 

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