Coach Bursaries and Funding

Assistance is available through the Quest for Gold program for rugby coaches who continue their NCCP training and development. 

This assistance is available in three separate ways:

  1. Coach Bursaries which reemburse coaches for training costs.
  2. Advanced Professional Development Bursaries for coaches already certified at the Comp-Dev level (or equivalent) to pursue a project that will improve their coaching skills.
  3. NCI Bursaries for coaches pursuing Advanced Comp-Dev gradation at the National Coaching Institute - Ontario.


Coach Bursaries

The Quest for Gold Enhanced Coaching Program recognizes coaches have out-of-pocket expenses for many things.  Coaches who wish to continue their training and education, or increase their knowledge and certification will benefit from this bursary program.

The Quest for Gold program provides an education bursary for coaches to complete eligible NCCP training. Up to a maximum of $500 per application will be available to cover up to 70% of course registration fees and travel subsidy combined. A travel subsidy up to a maximum of $200 is available for coaches travelling more than 100km each way to attend NCCP training.

This program is run and administered by Coaches Association of Ontario and is independent in decision making from Rugby Ontario. It is a fixed fund that is a first come first served model and funding is not guaranteed. 

Bursaries can be applied to the following coaching courses and workshops:

  • NCCP Rugby Competition Introduction 
  • NCCP Rugby Level 3 Technical
  • NCCP Rugby Competition Development
  • NCCP Multi-sport Competition Development modules


Funding for courses that took place from April 1, 2010-March 31, 2011 is no longer available.

To go directly to the bursary application for NCCP Comp-Intro, Level 3 Technical or Comp-Dev, click here


Advanced Professional Development Bursary

The Advanced Professional Development Bursary provides financial assistance to certified NCCP Level 3, 4, 5 and/or Competition-Development coaches pursuing a project that will improve their coaching skills. Examples of projects include: travel abroad to work with an expert coach or bring an expert coach to work with you here in Ontario. The intent of the Advanced Professional Development Bursary is not for coaching at an event abroad, but rather to take advantage of an educational experience for personal professional development as a coach.

The maximum grant is $3,000 of which $2,500 must be used for expenses towards the project and a $500 honourarium, which will be paid to the applicant after follow up with the PSO and a sharing opportunity with developing coaches within the sport.

Click here to download the Advanced Professional Development Bursary Application.


National Coaching Institute Bursary

The NCI Ontario is a joint program of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and the Canadian Sport Centre Ontario (CSC Ontario).

The NCI Ontario is a 2 year program to help high performance coaches get certified through the Advanced Diploma National Coaching Certification Program (CDAG NCCP).

The Quest for Gold NCI Tuition Bursary offers fully certified Level 3 and/or Competition-Development coaches an opportunity to enroll in the program and receive up to a maximum of 50% of tuition fees.

Click here for more information on how to apply.

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