Education Workforce

Onsite Evaluation

Evaluators complete onsite evaluations of coaches who have completed their NCCP Courses. The process that is to be followed for the onsite evaluation can be found under Book a Coaching Evaluation. 

Use the REVIEW process to complete the Debrief before you go through the Evaluator Tool

Complete the Onsite Evaluator Tool. 

If the coach is successful in the evaluation complete a NCCP CRF.

Send both the completed Onsite Evaluator Tool and CRF to Rugby Ontario.

Evaluator Expenses

Evaluator Mileage Model

Expense Form

The Education Workforce is the most important part of Coach Education (NCCP) for Rugby Ontario. It is made up of Learning Facilitators and Evaluators.

Learning Facilitators (LF)

Learning Facilitators (LF) are trained to deliver NCCP Courses. 

If you are interested in becoming an LF, or want more information, email Fran Mason, Rugby Ontario's Technical Services Coordinator.

Master Learning Facilitators (MLF)

To ensure quality control of delivery, Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario has Master Learning Facilitators who work with LF's on delivery skills and ensuring the content of courses are delivered in line with Rugby Canada delivery expectations. 

Ontario has four MFL's: 

- Beth Barz

- Andrew Hall

- Sean McDonaugh 

- Keith Wilkinson 

Evaluators (E) 

Evaluators assess the learnt information from NCCP Introduction to Competition and Competition Development via a defined process to ensure coaches are implementing coaching skills delivered in courses through onsite viewing or videoed coaching sessions. 

If you are interested in becoming an Evaluator or want more information, email Fran Mason, Rugby Ontario's Technical Services Coordinator.

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