Gee Gage Games

Gee Gage Games

After the Marshall Premiership and Championship regular season is completed, the Gee Gage Games will take place for Rugby Ontario Marshall Premiership and Championship Senior Men's 2nd
 teams that would like to play in this playoff tournament.

2014 Gee Gage Games Draw

The 2014 Gee Gage Games tournament format will be as follows:

We have received entries from four clubs.

- Aurora Barbarians
- Balmy Beach
- Oakville Crusaders
- Toronto Scottish

As it is a four-team competition, we have created a round-robin draw (three matches per club) on the McCormick Cup dates (September 27/28, October 4, October 18) with finals at Fletcher's Fields on Cup Final Day (October 25). This follows the same pattern as in 2013.

We have worked on trying to keep club 1sts and 2nds teams together at the one venue where possible, whilst looking at home and away. Thus we have created the schedules to mirror the round draws in the McCormick Cup, where possible.

27 September

Toronto Scottish 8 @ Balmy Beach 20 (12 p.m. kickoff)

28 September

Aurora Barbarians 19 @ Oakville Crusaders 23 (3 p.m. kickoff)

4 October

Balmy Beach 36 @ Oakville Crusaders 17 (12 p.m. kickoff)
Toronto Scottish 61 @ Aurora Barbarians 0 (1 p.m. kickoff)

18 October

Oakville Crusaders 17 @ Toronto Scottish 18 (1:30 p.m.)
Aurora Barbarians 10 @ Balmy Beach 37 (1:30 p.m.)

25 October

3rd Place Playoff - Fletcher's Fields (3v4 - 10:30 a.m.)
Oakville Crusaders v. Aurora Barbarians

1st Place Playoff - Fletcher's Fields (1v2 - 12:30 p.m.)
Balmy Beach v. Toronto Scottish   


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