Professional Staff

Rugby Ontario Professional Staff

Chief Executive Officer
 - Andrew Backer
(416) 426-7146
Key Areas: Governance, Finance / Sponsorships, Rugby Canada Relations, Rugby Ontario Board, Ministry Relations

Manager, Operations and Administration
- David Patterson (416) 426-7370

Key Areas: Member Services, Game & Club Development, Risk Management, Off-Field Events (General Meetings, Hall of Fame, etc.)

Communications Coordinator
- Brock Smith 
(416) 426-7049
Key Areas: Communications Strategy, Rugby Ontario Website, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), News / Media Releases, Yearbooks, Programmes, Match Reports, Media Database Management

Coaching & Events Coordinator
Fran Mason 
(416) 426-7050
Key Areas: Coaching Courses, Coaching Database, Provincial Team Logistics (Uniforms, Equipment, Travel, Facilities), Provincial Home Game Logistics

Game Development Coordinator 
- Jan Lang 
(416) 426-7181
Key Areas: Rugby Ontario Competitions, Rugby Ontario Game Sheets, Referee Development, Minor & Junior Rugby, School & Community Liaison, LTRD / LTAD

Club Development Coordinator - Larissa Mankis (416) 426-7144
Key Areas: Club Membership, Annual Registrations, Insurance, Discipline & Appeals, Tour Approvals, Playing Up/Down, Recruitment & Retention, Club / Volunteer Recognition, School & Community Liaison                                   


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