Rugby Ontario Committees

Rugby Ontario Committees - 2014

Rugby Ontario is a non-profit member-based provincial sport organization, where dedicated volunteers and professional staff provide leadership in the growth and development of Rugby for all Ontarians.

It is our vision to make Rugby the sport of choice in Ontario.

As a leader of Rugby in Canada, Rugby Ontario is working with partners to build programming and organizational capacity.

Rugby Ontario's 2014 Committees

Audit Committee (Board Committee)
Alden Greenhouse (Chair)
Andrew Backer (Ex-Officio)
Bill Di Nardo (Treasurer)
Dean Meloche (Member at Large)
David Rose (Member at Large)

Branch Council
(Board Committee)
Claudine Tyrell (Chair)
David Patterson (Ex-Officio)
Steve MacNeil (EORU President)
Annemaree Peters (NRU President)
Dean Meloche (SWR President)
Mark Pinguet (TR President)

Coaching Committee (Operational Committee)
Beth Barz (Chair)
Fran Mason (Ex-Officio)
Mel Beldock (Member at Large)
Brooke Hilditch (Member at Large)
Gary MacDonald (Member at Large)
Jake Swarbrick (Member at Large)
Keith Wilkinson (Member at Large)

Competitions Committee (Operational Committee)
John Watkins (Chair)
Tyler Coad (Ex-Officio)
Stewart Dobbs (Member at Large)
John Easson (Member at Large)
Alison McKenna (Member at Large)
Ravi Ponnambalam (Member at Large)
Vicki Woodhead (Member at Large)
Bob Illman (Branch Council Rep.)
Steve MacNeil (Branch Council Rep.)
Greg Williams (Branch Council Rep.)

Discipline, Appeals & Investigations Committee (Operational Committee)
Bob Illman (Chair)
Larissa Mankis (Ex-Officio)
Mark Chesser (Member at Large)
Pat Daniels (Member at Large)
Peter McCartney (Member at Large)
Allen Piggott (Member at Large)
Kendra Toby (Member at Large)

Executive Committee (Board Committee)
David Nelson (President)
Andrew Backer (Ex-Officio)
Claudine Tyrell (Vice-President)
Bill Di Nardo (Treasurer)
Nathan Baker (Secretary)
David Butler (Member at Large)

Finance Committee (Board Committee)
Barry O'Shea (Chair)
Andrew Backer (Ex-Officio)
Bill Di Nardo (Treasurer)
Carolynna Gabriel (Member at Large)
Alden Greenhouse (Member at Large)
Chris Groombridge (Member at Large)
Andrew Lombard (Member at Large)
Dean Meloche (Member at Large)
Robin MacLachlan (Member at Large)
Edith Michel (Member at Large)
Dan Moor (Member at Large)
Costa Nicolaidis (Member at Large)
Chris Rideout (Member at Large)
Glenn Wakefield (Member at Large)

Governance Committee (Board Committee)
David Butler (Chair)
Andrew Backer (Ex-Officio)

Hall of Fame Selection Committee
(Operational Committee)
Mark Winokur (Chair)
David Patterson (Ex-Officio)
Glenn Tarver (Board Member)
Andrew Backer (Staff Member)
Pat Murphy (EORU Rep.)
Dai Rhys-Jones (NRU Rep.)
Bob Illman (SWR Rep.)
Vacant (TR Rep.)
Scott Dunham (Male Player Rep.)
Brooke Hilditch (Female Player Rep.)

HR Committee (Board Committee)
David Nelson (Chair)
Claudine Tyrell (Member)
Bill Di Nardo (Member)
Nathan Baker (Member)
David Butler (Member)

Nominations Committee (Board Committee)
Bob McGeein (Chair)
Andrew Backer (Ex-Officio)
Bob Illman (Member at Large)

Participation Committee (Operation Committee)
Mark Johnson (Chair)
Larissa Mankis (Ex-Officio)
Andrew Hall (Member at Large)
Bob Illman (Member at Large)
Jane Kirby (Member at Large)
Tyler Leggatt (Member at Large)
Robin MacLachlan (Member at Large)
Duncan McNaughton (Member at Large)
Ashley Rycroft (Member at Large)
Kirsty Stevenson (Member at Large)

Player Development Committee (Operational Committee)
Jim Delaney (Chair)
Vacant (Manager - High Performance)
Les Gilson (Advisor to the Committee)
Paul Hunter (Member at Large)
Collette McCauley (Member at Large)
Gina Minutillo (Member at Large)
Phil Murphy (Member at Large)
Sean-Michael Stephen (Member at Large)

Referee Committee (Operational Committee)
Steve Gasparek (Chair)
Tyler Coad (Ex-Officio)
Andrew McMaster (EORRS Rep.)
Brian Bell (NRRS Rep.)
Jeff Kloosterman (T&DRRS Rep.)
Niall Jones (Member at Large)
John Woolley (Member at Large)

Risk Management Advisory Committee (Board Committee)
Nathan Baker (Chair)
David Patterson (Ex-Officio)
Mike Sherrard (Member at Large)
Haddon Murray (Member at Large)

To learn more about the scope of each committee, please click here.


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