Physical, Mental, Cognitive and Emotional Development

LTAD addresses the complete physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development of athletes – not just physical characteristics and performance qualities. Training, competition and recovery programs need to consider the mental, cognitive, and emotional development of each athlete.  

A major objective of LTAD is a holistic approach to athlete development. This includes emphasis on ethics, fair play, and character building throughout the various stages. Programming should be designed to consider athletes’ cognitive ability to address these concepts.

This is very clearly defined in the Rugby Ontario Way document (a road map for parents and coaches for how to prepare athletes in a LTRD way) through the 5 characteristics that make up the document ; Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental and Lifestyle. The last two on that list are equally important as the other three. Rugby traditionally creates a uniques holistic person and this Rugby Ontario Way sets out the key areas that should be addressed in those areas as the player moves their way through thr model. 

Check out the Rugby Ontario Way HERE


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