Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Recap

August 22, 2019


Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Schedule

August 22nd, 2019

(KINGSTON, ON)  - The Rugby Ontario High Performance program would like to thank all of the Eastern Canadian Provincial Unions and their athletes for a truly awesome week of rugby at the Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships, presented by Gilbert. With over 750 U16 and U18 men and women competing in 6 days of competition, the level of play and development of our athletes was exceptional. 

Mike Curran (Canada U18 Men’s Head Coach) and Ricky Combes (Canada U18 Women’s Head Coach) were on site in an effort to use this major event as part of their identification process for fall camps and winter tours to the United States.

The Rugby Ontario High Performance Program Selectors used the U16 portion of the tournament to evaluate players from the 3 provincial regional programs as they select full Ontario U16 Boys and U16 Girls squads who will represent Ontario on a tour to England in November.

Rugby Ontario would especially like to thank Queen’s University for providing the use of their world class facility for the entire week. Accommodation, meals, athletic facilities and especially the beautiful waterfront (great for team hydro-therapy) made for a memorable experience. Furthermore, Rugby Ontario would like to thank Gilbert for supporting the tournament and to Sportside Medical for keeping all the athletes safe. 

For the Jr. Blues Program, the strength of our regional focus was on full display during the week-long event. Over 375 athletes from across Ontario participated in the week long even. “The hard work that our athletes have put in over the last 2 years was on full display.” stated manager of High Performance Paul Connelly. “Improvements in Strength and Conditioning and Core skill development through the ETS S&C Partnership / Provincial 7’s Program and the Academy Winter Development Program, has resulted in much improved game play and a significant decrease in game related injuries.” 

The Jr. Blues program will now begin the process of selecting players for the touring sides that will travel to the United Kingdom in November. 

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Final Standings

U16 Girls

GOLD: Ontario Central

SILVER: Quebec


4th: Ontario West

5th: Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

U16 Boys

GOLD: U16 Ontario Central

SILVER: U16 Ontario West

BRONZE: U15 Ontario Central

4th: U16 Newfoundland

5th: U16 EORU

6th: U15 Ontario West

7th: U16 Nova Scotia

U18 Girls

GOLD: Quebec

SILVER: Ontario West

BRONZE: Ontario Central

4th: Keltics

5th: EORU

6th: New Brunswick

7th: PEI

U18 Boys

GOLD: U18 Ontario


BRONZE: U18 Newfoundland

4th: U17 Ontario Central

5th: U18 Nova Scotia

6th: U17 Ontario West

7th: U18 PEI

8th: U18 New Brunswick

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Pool Standings


- Top two teams in each pool advance to Championship round

- All other teams move on to Consolation round

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Day #1 Scores

Nixon Field

U18 Ontario West Girls: 66

U18 PEI Girls: 0

U18 Keltics Girls: 24

U18 EORU Girls: 15

U18 Ontario Central Girls: 41

U18 New Brunswick Girls: 13

U15 Ontario Central Boys: 32

U16 Keltics Boys: 7

West Campus Grass

U16 Ontario West Boys: 33

U16 EORU Boys: 0

U16 Quebec Girls: 15

U16 Ontario West Girls: 6

U16 Ontario Central Girls: 70

U16 EORU Girls: 0 

U16 Newfoundland Boys: 24

U15 Ontario Boys West: 21

U16 Ontario Central Boys: 20

U16 Barbarians: 0


U18 Newfoundland Boys: 28

U17 Ontario West Boys: 17

U17 Ontario Central Boys: 21

U18 PEI Boys: 3

U18 EORU Boys: 72 

U18 New Brunswick Boys: 0

U18 Quebec: 20

U18 Barbarians: 0

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Day #2 Scores

Nixon Field:

U18 EORU Boys: 45

U18 PEI Boys: 14

U17 Ontario Central Boys: 31

U18 New Brunswick Boys: 0

U17 Ontario West Boys: 54

U18 Keltics Boys: 17

U18 Ontario Boys: 41

U18 Newfoundland Boys: 7

U18 Central Girls: 20

U18 Barbarians Girls: 0

West Campus Grass

U16 Quebec Girls: 34

U16 New Brunswick Girls: 10

U16 EORU Girls: 17

U16 Keltics Girls: 7

U16 Ontario West Boys: 34

U16 Keltics Boys: 7

U15 Ontario Central Boys: 26

U16 EORU Boys: 24

U16 Ontario Central Boys: 85

U16 Newfoundland Boys: 0

U15 Ontario West Boys: 20

U16 Barbarians Boys: 0


U18 Keltics Girls: 57

U18 PEI Girls: 7

U18 Quebec Girls: 36

U18 New Brunswick Girls: 17

U18 Ontario West Girls: 21

U18 EORU Girls: 16

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Day #3 Scores


U16 Ontario Central Boys: 61

U15 Ontario West: 0

U16 Ontario West Girls: 55

U16 New Brunswick Girls: 5

U16 Ontario Central Girls: 61

U16 Keltics Girls: 10

U16 Newfoundland Boys: 20

U16 Barbarians: 0

U18 Ontario Central Girls 33

U18 Quebec Girls: 0


U18 Keltics Girls: 10

U18 Ontario West Girls: 5


U18 PEI Boys: 31

U18 New Brunswick Boys: 7

U18 EORU Boys: 15

U18 Ontario Central Boys: 14

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Day #4 Scores


U16 Keltics Girls: 44

U16 New Brunswick Girls: 0

U18 EORU Girls: 12

U18 New Brunswick Girls: 5

(25 minute game)

U18 New Brunswick Girls: 17

U18 PEI Girls: 17

(25 minute game)

U18 EORU Girls: 41

U18 PEI Girls: 0

(25 minute game)

U18 Ontario Boys: 36

U17 Ontario Central Boys: 10

U18 EORU Boys: 26

U18 Newfoundland Boys: 14

U18 Quebec Girls: 31

U18 Keltics Girls: 21

U18 Ontario West Girls: 3

U18 Ontario Central Girls: 0

(Extra Time)


U15 Ontario West Boys: 11

U16 Keltics Boys: 8

U16 EORU Boys: 20

U16 Barbarians Boys: 0


U17 Ontario West Boys: 49

U18 New Brunswick Boys: 7

U18 Keltics Boys: 17

U18 PEI Boys: 8

U16 Quebec Girls: 15

U16 EORU Girls: 10

U16 Ontario Central Girls: 48

U16 Ontario West Girls: 3

U16 Ontario Central Boys: 48

U15 Ontario Central Boys: 5

U16 Ontario West Boys: 48

U16 Newfoundland Boys: 0

Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships Day #5 Scores


U18 Ontario Central Girls: 19

U18 Keltics Girls: 14

(Bronze Medal Match)

U16 Ontario Central Girls: 49

U16 Quebec Girls: 0

(Gold Medal Match)

U16 Ontario Central Boys:  16

U16 Ontario West Boys: 10

(Gold Medal Match)

U18 Quebec Girls: 15

U18 Ontario West Girls: 12

(Gold Medal Match)

U18 Ontario Boys: 31

U18 EORU Boys: 19


U16 Keltics Boys: 20

U16 Barbarians Boys: 0

U18 Keltics Boys: 21

U17 Ontario West Boys: 15

U18 PEI Boys: 26

U18 New Brunswick Boys: 0

U16 EORU Girls: 24

U16 Ontario West Girls: 21


U18 PEI Girls: 14

U18 EORU Girls: 14

(25 minute match)

U18 EORU Girls: 12

U18 New Brunswick Girls: 7

(25 minute match)

U18 New Brunswick Girls: 12

U18 PEI Girls: 0

(25 minute match)

U15 Ontario Central Boys: 22

U16 Newfoundland Boys: 10

(Bronze Medal Match)

U18 Newfoundland Boys: 32

U17 Ontario Central Boys: 20

(Bronze Medal Match)

U16 EORU Boys: 29

U15 Ontario West Boys: 17


The Ontario Blues program is the high performance representative program for male and female rugby players in Ontario. Rugby Ontario is represented at the provincial level by the Ontario Blues. The program includes representative teams from Under-15 to Senior in both Women’s and Men’s Fifteens and Under-18 Men's and Women's Sevens. Specifically, the program is designed to develop and showcase rugby players for Canadian representative national teams.


Rugby Ontario is the provincial sports governing body responsible for the organization of rugby in Ontario. Our mission is to establish a stronger identity for rugby in Ontario by promoting the sport’s core values and by fostering a culture of inclusiveness and excellence on and off the field of play.

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