Meet Our Canada Summer Jobs Office Staff!

January 18, 2021


Meet our Canada Summer Jobs Office Staff

In December 2020, Rugby Ontario welcomed five interns into our virtual office as part of the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Megan Bent - Community Rugby Program Coordinator


Megan, is in her 5th year of Global and International Studies at Carleton University, specializing in urban development. She has been playing rugby for 11 years. She represented her university in her first year of studies as well as her club team, The Oshawa Vikings. This is the second time we have had the fortune of working with Megan. In 2019, she worked as our Rugby Development Officer and is super excited to be back!

Megan is working on the development and implementation of the 10 week Rookie Rugby Program Plan. She is helping to develop a 10 week resource that clubs and community groups will be able to use in future non-contact rugby programming for youth under 12. The program will not only include various activities and games, it will connect to rugby’s core values with the aim of installing these values into every session with the youth.

Katherine Gibbins - Inclusion Intern


"Katherine is a second year Sports Management masters student at the University of Western Ontario. She has been involved in sport her whole life, and is excited to be working to make rugby, and sport in general, a more inclusive activity for all who wish to be involved."

Katherine is primarily working on the development of the Mixed Ability Rugby programming at clubs in Ontario. She is building the story of Mixed Ability Rugby to help us and the community understand where we came from and where we are now. Once we are able to return back to programming, Katherine will also be a key support to clubs as we roll out the second phase of Mixed Ability Rugby the club level.

David Koehnen - High Performance Intern


David is a graduate of the Sport Management program at Brock University as well as the Masters of Sport Administration program at Georgia State University. His previous work experience is in youth sports, and he is excited to have joined the Rugby Ontario team where he is working with the High-Performance department.

David has been helping to plan high-performance programming for the upcoming year and beyond, including contingency plans for events impacted by the pandemic. He has also created an Alumni Database, designed to help Rugby Ontario build a stronger community with players after they have graduated from the provincial program.

Liam Rowe – Fundraising Project Intern


Liam is a Journalism and Sport Business Management graduate who is eager to make is mark in sport industry. Growing up, Liam played a variety of sport including baseball, basketball and soccer, with his predominate focus being hockey. Now, he enjoys exploring his creativeness and mixing it up in any sport he can.

In his role with Rugby Ontario, Liam will be focusing on developing new resources for clubs utilize in an effort to increase their fundraising, sponsorship and social media initiatives. Liam is thrilled to be a part of Rugby Ontario and is excited about the opportunity of creating something really unique for its clubs.

Cara Tiemens - Community Rugby Intern Supervisor


"Cara is a Professional Communication graduate student at Ryerson University. She also played on Ryerson’s Women’s Basketball team while completing her undergraduate degree. She has worked in the basketball, soccer and hockey realm, and is excited to extend her sports knowledge and experience to the rugby world."

Cara is working directly with the 26 Community Rugby Interns currently deployed at clubs across Ontario. He role is to help to provide support to each intern and has developed tools to help these interns in their various projects. The work she is doing will also lead to toolkits that clubs will be able to use beyond this year.

About the Canada Summer Jobs Program 

Canada Summer Jobs is an initiative of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy, which aims to provide flexible and holistic services to help all young Canadians develop the skills and gain paid work experience to successfully transition into the job market.

Rugby Ontario has consistently offered employment opportunities to clubs through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. In 2020, the program delivery window was disrupted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As part of the CSJ program Rugby Ontario has been able to offer 26 CSJ Interns to clubs across Ontario.

If you have any questions about the Canada Summer Jobs Program and how your rugby club can benefit from it, please contact Ryan Jones –

More information on the Canada Summer Jobs Program can be found here -


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