Return to Play Update: Ontario Reopening Step 2

June 30, 2021


Return to Play Update: Ontario Reopening Step 2

Beginning today, Wednesday June 30th, 2021, Ontario will be moving into Step 2 of the Roadmap to Reopen as announced on June 24, 2021. As a result, an updated set of Step 2 Regulations were published (O. Reg. 488/21: RULES FOR AREAS IN STAGE 2).

As of, Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at 12:01 AM all sanctioned rugby clubs are permitted to begin activity in a new Modified Phase 3 of the Return to Play Plan. Rugby Ontario is pleased to announce the return of “Touch Rugby” as a modified form of our sport which is now a permitted non-contact activity.  The Step 2 reopening regulations now permit incidental and intermittent personal contact between participants.

Updated Rugby Ontario Documentation

Rugby Ontario Return to Play Plan

RTP Plan Bridging Document

Return to Play Infographic

RTP Club Status Document

What does this mean for Rugby activity?

Gathering Limits

    * There is no restriction on individuals participating in a team sport activity.

    * However, anyone at a venue that is not participating in an activity must be physically distanced by at least 2M.

    * Facility users must ensure compliance with any specific capacity limits for members of the public and spectators.

Addition of Touch Rugby

    * Non-Contact activities can now include Touch Rugby in Modified Phase 3.

Addition of Inter-Club Activity

    * Inter-club activity is now permitted for non-contact games / leagues.

    * Inter-club non-contact leagues can be established between RTP-sanctioned clubs only.

    * Please refer to the attached Inter-Club Sanctioning Form for more information.

Spectators: As Per Government Step 2 Regulations

    * People permitted to enter and use the facility must be, 

        * players, athletes, coaches or officials who are using the facility for the purposes of training or conditioning,

        * such staff as are strictly necessary to operate the facility and support the training or conditioning of the players, and

        * spectators at an outdoor facility, provided that the number of spectators in the facility at any one time does not exceed,

                * for a facility that has an area designated for spectator seating, 25 per cent of the usual seating capacity, and

                * for a facility that does not have an area designated for spectator seating, 25 per cent capacity, determined by taking the total square

                  metres of the area, dividing that number by 16 and rounding the result down to the nearest whole number.

We hope the return of Flag AND Touch Rugby brings excitement to your clubs and will drive additional interest among participants as you continue your return to play efforts. 

As always, we will continue to monitor the Provincial Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this has on our Members. We will provide updates as more details are released in relation to Step 3 and further progression towards contact rugby. Please reach out if you have any questions or if you require further clarification. 


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