Global Law Trials Update

August 23, 2021


Global Law Trials Update

World Rugby has introduced a set of Global Law Trials, which will be in effect for all competitions starting after August 1. This includes all exhibition matches and league games this season for Rugby Ontario. The intention of these Law Trials is to introduce greater variety in attacking play, open up the game, and most importantly, continue to improve player welfare. The outcomes of these Trials will be evaluated in 2022 to inform whether they will be permanently adopted into the Laws of the Game.

For more information and video resources, click here.

Rugby Ontario had a Global Law Trials webinar for Match Officials, hosted by Rugby Ontario Referee Committee (RORC) Chair, Karen Lozada and Match Official Coordinator, David Bushell. The recording for that webinar can be found by clicking here.

Prior to viewing the recording, we suggest reviewing the World Rugby Global Law Trial resources shared above, including the video examples, as these were used for the basis of discussion for the webinar.

For any questions regarding the Global Law Trials, please contact David Bushell at


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