Coaches Week Spotlight: Cassidy Calvert

September 24, 2021


Coaches Week Spotlight: Cassidy Calvert 

September 24th, 2021

(Whitby, ON) - National Coaches Week is an annual campaign lead by the Coaching Association of Canada. Coaches week is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by taking the time to recognize and thank them for all there efforts. Join in on the week by recognizing your favourite coach on social media using the hashtag #ThanksCoach. Tag Rugby Ontario in the post so we can recognize them as well!

In celebration of National Coaches Week, Rugby Ontario is profiling coaches from across the Ontario rugby community. Today’s profile is on Cassidy Calvert! Cassidy is a coach who is involved with the Oshawa Vikings! Read below to learn more about Cassidy. 

How did you first get involved with rugby? 

Casidy: I first heard about rugby during high school orientation when we went around and saw all the different teams. I spoke to some of the athletes and I was basically hooked. A friend of mine that I attended dance classes with was on the team already and told me to come out to the tryouts! The rest is history!!

What is your favourite rugby memory? 

Cassidy: Winning nationals with McMaster Women’s Rugby in my 2nd year of university (2015). Definitely a feeling I’ll never forget!

What do you love most about the sport? 

Cassidy:  My favourite thing about rugby is the camradere and inclusivity! There’s still work that needs to be done across the board, but the fact that the sport is relatively inexpensive to play and includes positions that are suitable for all shapes and sizes means that it can be accessible to just about any community. 

What made you want to become a coach? 

Cassidy: I wanted to stay involved in the sport in any way possible, I knew I would eventually have to retire as an athlete, but I wanted to stay a part of the community and pass on all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years from the great coaches I’ve had.

Growing up, who was your favourite coach and why? 

Cassidy: My high school coach; Ian Norman will always be my favourite coach! He believed in me as a player and always pushed me to do better even if I didn’t think I could! He shaped me into the athlete I am today!

What challenges comes with being a coach?

Cassidy: Going from player to coach has had its difficulties but by far the hardest is standing on the slide lines and not being in the game! You’ve given your players the tools to perform and you have to sit back and watch them implement those tools!

What challenges has coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic presented?  

Cassidy: Coaching during the pandemic has presented many different issues, mainly being the amount of time athletes have not been able to play/practise. Having to go through return to play protocols for all athletes and having to adapt to the new rules and regulations that are constantly changing has made starting up again difficult but I know everyone is excited and eager to be back!

What have you learned during the pandemic that can help you grow as a coach? 

Cassidy: Being adaptable is something every coach is good at but the pandemic has given coaches the opportunity to be great at it. It’s made us have to think outside of the box in a way that will make us all better coaches outside of the pandemic. 

What is your favourite part about coaching? 

Cassidy: My favourite part about coaching is when you're able to make those micro changes in practise; in position, shape, or technique, and then you see your athlete implement those changes in a game/live play; nothing feels better!

How have you changed as a coach over your career? 

Cassidy: I’m still relatively new to coaching and I’ve already learned so much from the people around me and I will continue to learn and make sure I put myself in situations and opportunities to be able to continue to grow as a coach!

What would you say to someone who is considering getting into coaching? 

Cassidy: Do it. It's the most difficult and the easiest thing you'll ever do. Personally I could talk someone's ear off about the sport of rugby. As an athlete I loved the sport, but as a coach I respect and admire the sport and all the intricacies that make it what it is. If you're someone who loves the sport and wants to help shape these young athletes there's nothing more rewarding than being a coach. 

What are your goals as you move forward in your coaching career?

Cassidy: Continue to grow and learn! I assisted with the junior girls at Oshawa Vikings this summer and am currently assisting at McMaster with the Women’s program. My love of coaching is just beginning and I am excited for it to grow. I look forward to and welcome all future opportunities!! 

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