Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame & Awards Program Returns

June 25, 2022


Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame & Awards Program Returns After Two Years

June 24th, 2022

(WHITBY, ON) - Rugby Ontario is pleased to announce the return of the Hall of Fame & Awards Program.  After two years of postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held this Fall (November, date & location TBC). The Ceremony, as in 2019, will be held in conjunction with the Rugby Ontario Awards recognition event.

At this stage, the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame & Awards Committee (chaired by Domenic Scuglia) is seeking nominations for the Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

Who can nominate?

Nominations may originate from a member of a club, association, or Rugby Ontario’s Board of Directors, that are in good standing with Rugby Ontario.

What are the classes for nomination? 

There are 5 classes of Hall of Fame Inductees:







In order to be eligible for nomination, Players, Coaches and Officials must be retired from active participation at their highest level for at least two (2) years. Teams must have accomplished outstanding or extraordinary results over a minimum period of 5 years and maximum period of 10 years and be at least five (5) years removed from their significant milestone(s).

Where do I submit a nomination?

Please complete and submit nominations on the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Nomination Form and send to Please note there are two nomination forms, one for builders and one for players/coaches/match officials/teams. 

When is the deadline for nominations?

Nominations are due by August 19, 2022.  Submissions received after this date will not be considered.

How is a nomination assessed?

All nominations received are assessed against the Hall of Fame Evaluation Rubric. This rubric contains five criteria (see table below) which are each scored on a 1 to 6 basis, providing for a possible maximum of 30 points. Each Hall of Fame Committee member votes on each nomination. A nominee requires a minimum of 20 points on 2/3 of the ballots submitted to be inducted, with a maximum of six candidates (plus ties) to be inducted in any one year. 

To assist the Committee to give full and proper consideration to all nominations received, only nominations submitted on the official nomination form providing information on each of the evaluation criteria, will be accepted.




Overall career

Length of service to rugby

National, Provincial, Regional Representation

Programs developed

Awards or Recognitions

Leadership within rugby and the community

Community Involvement, development of the sport in the community

Widely recognized contributions

Winning championships/officiating championships, win loss records

Awards or Recognitions

Should I provide letters of endorsement?

It is strongly recommended that a minimum of three letters of endorsement are provided with a nomination.  

Further Information

More detailed information on the Hall of Fame, including the Hall of Fame Guidelines, are available on the Rugby Ontario website at:

If there are any questions with regards to the Hall of Fame selection process please do not hesitate to contact Myles Spencer, CEO of Rugby Ontario ( 


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