Cross Border Series Rosters & Schedule

July 12, 2022


Cross Border Series Presented By The University of Guelph

July 12th, 2022

(GUELPH, ON) – Rugby Ontario is pleased to announce the rosters for the upcoming Cross Border Series, hosted by the University of Guelph from July 13th - July 17th. The Ontario Junior Blues Summer Program will field two teams per age grade, a Team Navy and a Team White. The teams will play matches against sides from Eastern Ontario, touring sides and against each other! Stay tuned to the Rugby Ontario Social Media Channels for daily match updates. Read below view the rosters and the event schedule. 

U15 Boys Navy

Elias Amandor-Wilson  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Hunter Ball  (Waterloo County)

Henry Boggs  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Marshall Briggs  (Waterloo County)

Riley Cyr  (Waterloo County)

Geart DeMarex-Oyens  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Jordan Eustace  (Brantford Harlequins)

Barana Fernadno  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Jack Gore  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Triton Halstead (Waterloo County)

Ayden Harvey  (Burlington Centaurs)

Isaac Hatch  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Ansan Hayward (Burlington Centaurs)

Jayce Kroes  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Rogan  Moir  (Waterloo County)

Sam Morreale  (Burlington Centaurs)

Lucas Peddle  (Mississauga Blues)

Matisse Prudhomme  (Burlington Centaurs)

Zackary Schulz (Burlington Centaurs)

Ethan Snyder (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Aaron Thompson (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Mickael Tissier (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Thymen Van der Ploeg (SouthWest)

Elliot Walker (Crusaders Rugby Club)

U15 Boys White

Emmett Alexander   (Toronto Nomads)

Ethan Apap-Joyce  (Balmy Beach)

Vaughan Aubie  (Peterborough Pagans)

Caedan Bowers  (Toronto City)

Stewart Davis  ( Ajax Wanderers)

Griffen Evelyn (Oshawa Vikings)

Jones Goodgellow  (Toronto City)

Wes  Harding  (Oshawa Vikings)

Declan Insley  (Toronto City)

Ryder Jabal  (Toronto City)

Hayden Johnstone  (Toronto City)

Kotaro MacKenzie  (Toronto Nomads)

Griffyn Morgan  (Toronto City)

Thomas O'Grady  (Brock RFC)

Maverick Paton  (Toronto City)

Connor Pearce  (Toronto Dragons)

Quinton Ross  (Peterborough Pagans)

Henry Ross  (Toronto Nomads)

George-Emile Roy  (Toronto Nomads)

Mason Thompson  (Oshawa Vikings)

Aiden Torrance  (Brock RFC)

Jack Wilson  (Aurora Barbarians)

Liam Wood  (Belleville Bulldogs)

U16 Boys Navy

Aiden Beggs  (Fergus Highland)

Nathan Carter  (Niagara Rugby Club)

Ethan Chantler  (Burlington Centaurs)

Odin Elliott  (London St.George’s)

Spencer Hayes  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Thomas Hyland  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Rhys Jones  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Kohl Kletke  (Burlington Centaurs)

Nikolai Leising  (Fergus Highland)

Thatcher Lloyd  (Fergus Highland)

Issac  Misner  (Fergus Highland)

Lucas Murchison  (Barrie RFC)

Leyton Robinson  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Koen Schroeder  (Burlington Centaurs)

Mason Stafford  (Fergus Highland)

Brent  Thomson  (Georgian Bay Titans)

Quincy VanRaaij  (Fergus Highland)

James Venimore  (Burlington Centaurs)

Bastie Walker  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Patrick Wright  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Kai Wycherley  (Fergus Highland)

U16 Boys White

Nate Barnes  (Oshawa Vikings)    

Ben Calconi  (Toronto City)    

Gaelen Craig  (Toronto City)    

Evan Davies  (Balmy Beach)    

Eshwara De Zoysa  (Oshawa Vikings)    

Finn Donnelly  (Balmy Beach)     

G Gentile  (Toronto Nomads)

Sebastian Gentile  (Toronto Nomads)    

Noah Hudson  (Aurora Barbarians)    

Thomas Hyland  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Kasch Kozak-Goebel  (Toronto Nomads)

Owen MacKinnon  (Oshawa Vikings)

Liam Park  (Oshawa Vikings)

Tim Phillips  (Toronto Dragons)

Romano Pizzuti  (Balmy Beach)

Owen Serjeantson  (Toronto City)

Alex Soudmand  (Toronto Dragons)

Alex Sowerby  (Toronto Dragons)

Cole Thurston  (Belleville Bulldogs)

John Tomaszewski  (Balmy Beach)

Mathis Wetsch  (Balmy Beach)

Sebastian Zorzi  (Toronto Dragons)

U16 Girls Navy

Ava Buda  (Guelph Redcoats)

Kaitlyn Burnes  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Payton Carter  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Abigail Courchene  (Brantford Harlequins)

Monika Daniels  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Ally Dunn  (Owen Sound)

Camille Exelby  (Brantford Harlequins)

Sophie Geier  (Niagara Rugby Club)

Ava Hodgson  (Niagara Rugby Club)

Tessa  Jackson  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Carly Kay  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Lauren Kennedy  (London St. George’s)

Jessie MacCullloch  (Guelph Redcoats)

Heidi  Mattice  (Norfolk Harvesters)

Ariah  McGill  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Rosie McLeod  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Gwen Morrison  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Alyssa Nieuwets  (Rugby Ontario)

Alexis Revai  (Rugby Ontario)

Mya  Rickerby  (Rugby Ontario)

Emma Sauer  (Niagara Rugby Club)

Victoria Stuart  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Erin Sweetnam  (Mississauga Blues)

Sierra Thompson  (Brantford Harlequins)

Emma  Thompson  (Norfolk Harvesters)

Lily Vadnenhoek  (North Halton)

U16 Girls White

Kylie Armstrong  (Toronto Amazons)

Sophia Both  (Oshawa Vikings)

Claire Bryan  (Toronto Amazons)

Avery Carruthers  (Aurora Barbarians)

Acadia Chang  (Toronto Nomads)

Sarah Clayton  (Oshawa Vikings)

Chenuki de Zoysa  (Oshawa Vikings)

Alex Dewar  (Belleville Bulldogs)

Amber Edgerton  (Oshawa Vikings)

Brynn Jenkins  (Peterborough Pagans)

Della Mae  Marshall  (Brock RFC)

Isis Martinez  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Danielle Michea  (Oshawa Vikings)

AthenaPapoutsakis  (Aurora Barbarians)

Zoe Paton  (Toronto Amazons)

Abigail Rosevear  (Aurora Barbarians)

Isabella Sacco  (Ajax Wanderers)

Abbie Simpson  (Toronto Amazons)

Ayumi  Soso  (Toronto Nomads)

Drew  Spencer  (Belleville Bulldogs)

Grace Vanderburg  (Lindsay RFC)

Lake Wilcock  (Oshawa Vikings)

Sydney Woodcock  (Belleville Bulldogs)

U17 Boys Navy

Oscar Boggs  (Crusaders Rugby Club)    

Charles Brenders  (Crusaders Rugby Club)    

Ryan Bundscho  (Waterloo County)

Matthew Carroll   (Crusaders Rugby Club)    

Quinn Foley  (Crusaders Rugby Club)    

Cole Gittens  (Crusaders Rugby Club)    

Ethan Graham  (Burlington Centaurs)

Tyge Harvey  (Burlington Centaurs)

Matthew Hodgson  (Niagara Rugby Club)

Griffen Kerfoot  (Fergus Highland)

Ben Limoges  (Georgian Bay Titans)

Daniel Lucic  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Peyton McKenzie  (Fergus Highland)

Elijah McQueen  (Fergus Highland)

Galin Moir  (Waterloo County)

Nolan Muller  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Andrew Perera (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Niccolas Tissier  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Max Zhurba  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

U17 Boys White

Briar Baron (Aurora Barbarians)

Grayson Binkley  (Balmy Beach)

Ryan Britton  (Barrie RFC)

Callum Caldwell  (Barrie RFC)

Finlay Campbell  (Ajax Wanderers)

Charlie Chilcott  (Aurora Barbarians)

Ryan Closs  (Brock RFC)

Andrew Elson  (Ajax Wanderers)

Sawyer Graves  (Cobourg Saxons)

Gavin Grennan  (Toronto City)

Tyler Hamilton  (Balmy Beach)

Cole Harris  (Brock RFC)

Andrex Kellar  (Cobourg Saxons)

Spencer  Lu  (Toronto City)

Ben McNee  (Oshawa Vikings)

Lucas Murdock  (Peterborough Pagans)

Max Naubur  (Balmy Beach)

Marco Norena  (Balmy Beach)

Ian Quesnelle  (Toronto City)

Aidden Rose  (Oshawa Vikings)

Robbie  Soweby  (Toronto Dragons)

Irakli  Sanadze  (Toronto City)

Aidan  Svirksts  (Ajax Wanderers)

Javon  Sylvan  (Toronto Dragons)

Reece Thompson  (Barrie RFC)

U18 Girls Navy

Jayne Armatage  (Guelph Redcoats)

Maeve Barnard  (Fergus Highland)

Leah Bennington  (Rugby Ontario)

Emily Cooper  (Guelph Redcoats)

Bekah Cyr  (Waterloo County)

Grace Dale  (North Halton)

Sarah Fielding  (Brantford Harlequins)

Lyric Gibson  (Brantford Harlequins)

Ava Guindon  (Owen Sound)

Keira Harkness  (London St. George’s)

Addie Holmes (Waterloo County)

Grace Jacklyn  (Brantford Harlequins)

Amelia Jackson  (Brantford Harlequins)

Allie Macculoch  (Guelph Redcoats)

Ella Nobrega  (Burlington Centaurs)

Zoe Perrizao  (Crusaders Rugby Club)

Taylor Pate  (Guelph Redcoats)

Carolina Rossi  (Guelph Redcoats)

Vanessa Skypas  (North Halton)

Jordan Smith  (Guelph Redcoats)

Eve Snobloen  (Fergus Highland)

Kennedi Stevenson (North Halton)

Abi Thompson  (Norfolk Harvesters)

Mia Vandenhoek  (North Halton)

Annalise Wey  (Brantford Harlequins)

U18 Girls White

Maya Austin  (Oshawa Vikings)

Robyn Baker  (Oshawa Vikings)

Paige Bean  (Ottawa Ospreys)

Drew Bell  (Oshawa Vikings)

Kaylee Brooks  (Belleville Bulldogs)

Riley Cattell  (Toronto Amazons)

Debra Chong  (Aurora Barbarians)

Lauren Demers (Aurora Barbarians)

Maddy DiGirolamo  (Aurora Barbarians)

Bronwyn Earle  (Aurora Barbarians)

Ryan Fitzgerald  (Belleville Bulldogs)

Grace Jenkins  (Oshawa Vikings)

Kennedy Johnstone  (Toronto Amazons)

Sierra Persaud  (Oshawa Vikings)

Jenna Rutherford  (Oshawa Vikings)

Maia Swemmer  (Aurora Barbarians)

Hayden Vandenedam  (Oshawa Vikings)

Olivia Villamere  (Peterborough Pagans)

Luisa Wilson  (Aurora Barbarians)

Halle Woodcock  (Belleville Bulldogs)

Sierra Woodcock (Belleville Bulldogs)

Thursday, July 14th

Varsity Field (2-20 minute Halves)

South Field (2-30 minute halves except where noted)





10:00 AM

EORU U15 Boys vs. Ontario U15 Boys Navy 

10:00 AM

Ontario U16 Boys White vs. Campion RFC

11:00 AM

EORU U16 Girls vs. Ontario U16 Girls Navy 

11:30 AM

Ontario U16 Boys Navy vs. RGS Worcester School

12:00 PM

EORU U18 Girls vs. Ontario U18 Girls  Navy 

1:00 PM

EORU U17 Boys vs. British/Ontario Barbarians (2-15 minute halves)

1:00 PM

EORU U15 Boys vs. Ontario U15 Boys White

2:00 PM

Ontario U17 Boys White vs. Campion RFC

2:00 PM

EORU U16 Girls vs. Ontario U16 Girls White 

3:30 PM

Ontario U17 Boys Navy vs. RGS Worcester School

3:00 PM

EORU U18 Girls vs. Ontario U18 Girls White 

6:00 PM

EORU U17 Boys vs. Highland Barbarians

4:00 PM

Ontario U15 Boys Navy vs. Ontario U15 Boys White 

7:15 PM

Ontario U18 Girl White vs. Ontario  U18 Girls Navy  (2-20 Minute Halves)

5:00 PM

Ontario U16 Girls Navy vs. Ontario U16 Girls White

Saturday, July 16th

Varsity Field (2-30 minute halves)

South Field (2-20 minute halves)






Ontario White Navy U16 Boys vs. RGS Worcester School

10:00 AM

EORU U15 Boys vs. Ontario Navy U15 Boys

11:00 AM

*EORU U17 Boys vs. RGS Worcester School

11:00 AM

EORU U16 Girls vs. Ontario Navy U16 Girls

12:30 PM

12:00 noon

EORU U18 Girls vs. Ontario Navy U18 Girls

2:00 PM

Ontario White U16 Boys vs. Ontario U17 Boys Barbarians

1:00 PM

EORU U15 Boys vs. Ontario White U15 Boys

3:30 PM

*Ontario Navy/White U17 Boys vs. Campion RFC

2:00 PM

EORU U16 Girls vs. Ontario White U16 Girls

3:00 PM

EORU U18 Girls vs. Ontario White U18 Girls

4:00 PM

Ontario Navy U15 Boys vs. Ontario White U15 Boys

5:00 PM

Ontario Navy U16 Girls vs. Ontario White U16 Girls

6:00 PM

Ontario Navy U18 Girls vs. Ontario White U18 Girls


The Ontario Blues program is the high performance representative program for male and female rugby players in Ontario. Rugby Ontario is represented at the provincial level by the Ontario Blues. The program includes representative teams from Under-15 to Senior in both Women’s and Men’s Fifteens and Under-18 Men's and Women's Sevens. Specifically, the program is designed to develop and showcase rugby players for Canadian representative national teams.


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