Junior Cup Day Preview

August 25, 2022


Junior Cup Day Preview

(WHITBY, ON) -  Junior Cup Day is back! After a three-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Junior Cup Day returns to Fletcher’s Field to crown Provincial Champions in the U18 & U16 Boys and Girls divisions. 32 teams from 22 different clubs will attend the year end event to vie for the Provincial Championship. 

During the regular season, teams competed in regional divisions across Ontario. Regional representatives will be in attendance to compete for the championship. Each of the four age grade divisions will have eight teams competing in a bracket style tournament. The seedings and Quarter-Final match ups for each division can be found below:

U16 Girls Qualified Teams

1.    Kingston Panthers (EORU 1)

2.    North Halton Highlanders (Central 1)

3.    Brantford Harlequins (West 1)

4.    Oshawa Vikings (East 1)

5.    Crusaders Rugby Club (Central 2)

6.    Peterborough Pagans (East 2)

7.    London St. George’s (West 2)

8.    Fergus Highland (West 3)

Quarter-Final Matches

1.    Kingston Panthers v. 8. Fergus Highland

2.    North Halton Highlanders v. 7. London St. George’s

3.    Brantford Harlequins v. 6. Peterborough Pagans 

4.    Oshawa Vikings v. 5. Crusaders Rugby Club

U16 Boys Qualified Teams

1.    Crusaders Rugby Club (West Central 1)

2.    Fergus Highland (West 1)

3.    Barrhaven Scottish (EORU 1)

4.    Belleville Bulldogs (East 1)

5.    Balmy Beach (Central 1)

6.    Toronto City Youth (Central 2)

7.    Niagara Wasps (West Central 2)

8.    Oshawa Vikings (East 2)

Quarter-Final Matches

1.    Crusaders Rugby Club v. 8. Oshawa Vikings 

2.    Fergus Highland v. 7. Niagara Wasps

3.    Barrhaven Scottish v. 6. Toronto City Youth

4.    Belleville Bulldogs v. 5. Balmy Beach

U18 Girls Qualified Teams

1.    Aurora Barbarians (Central 1)

2.    Oshawa Vikings (East 1)

3.    Brantford Harlequins (West 1)

4.    Belleville Bulldogs (East 2)

5.    Guelph Redcoats (West 2)

6.    Cobourg Saxons (east 3)

7.    Fergus Highland (West 3)

8.    Waterloo County (West 4)*

*Not pariticipating

Quarter-Final Matches

1.    Aurora Barbarians v. 8. Waterloo County

2.    Oshawa Vikings v. 7. Fergus Highland

3.    Brantford Harlequins v. 6. Cobourg Saxons

4.    Belleville Bulldogs v. 5. Guelph Redcoats

U18 Boys Qualified Teams

1.    Crusaders Rugby Club (West 1)

2.    Balmy Beach Toronto City (Central 1)

3.    Bytown Blues (EORU 1)

4.    Brock Rugby Club (East 1)

5.    Fergus Highland (West 2)

6.    Georgian Bay Titans (Central 2)

7.    Ajax Wanderers (East 2)

8.    Burlington Centaurs (West 3)

Quarter-Final Matches

1.    Crusaders Rugby Club v. 8. Burlington Centaurs

2.    Balmy Beach Toronto City v. 7. Ajax Wanderers

3.    Bytown Blues v. 6. Georgian Bay Titans

4.    Brock Rugby Club v. 5. Fergus Highland

To view the full event schedule, click here.

To view the bracket and updated scores, click here.


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