52 New Certified Rugby Coaches at Upper Canada College

December 04, 2023


Celebrating Success: 52 New Certified Rugby Coaches at Upper Canada College, Toronto, with Support from Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada

On Saturday, November 25th, a momentous event took place at Upper Canada College, Toronto, as 52 newly certified rugby coaches emerged from a Level 1 and Rookie Rugby course. This remarkable achievement not only underscores the dedication of the participants but also celebrates the collaborative efforts and support from key partners, including Rugby Ontario, CISAA, Tim White, and Rugby Canada. The success of this coaching initiative was made possible by the warm hospitality of Upper Canada College, Toronto, and the commendable efforts of Victoria Altomare-Varlokostas and her team. 

Key Partnerships 

The synergy between Rugby Ontario and partners played a pivotal role in the event's success. CISAA and Tim White, contributed significantly to the seamless execution of the program. Their support ensured that the course met high standards and provided valuable insights into coaching methodologies, fostering a positive learning environment for participants. 

Hosts Extraordinaire: Upper Canada College, Toronto 

The gracious hosts, Upper Canada College, Toronto, provided an ideal setting for the coaching course. The institution's commitment to promoting rugby coaching excellence was evident in the meticulous planning and execution of the event. The collaborative spirit between the coaching team and the college created an environment conducive to effective learning and skill development. 

Educators' Commitment 

Two standout educators, Spencer Robinson and Gary Robinson, were among the participants who successfully achieved Level 1 educator certification. Their commitment to enhancing coaching skills exemplifies the dedication present among educators seeking to elevate their impact on the rugby field. The success of these educators is a testament to the quality of the coaching course and the comprehensive training it provided. 

Outstanding Contributions from the Coaching Team 

The coaching education team, led by LeeAnn Napiorkowski, Meghan Peets, Alexander Townsend, and Darrell Devine, played a pivotal role in guiding participants through the Level 1 and Rookie Rugby course. Their expertise ensured coaches received top-notch instruction, contributing to the overall success of the program and a positive learning experience for all involved. 

Mentorship from Master Coach Developers 

Special gratitude goes to Johnatan Long and Stephanie Veal, esteemed Master Coach Developers from Rugby Canada, for their invaluable mentorship throughout the coaching course. Their guidance and expertise enhanced the learning journey, creating an environment where aspiring coaches could develop their skills with confidence. The support from Rugby Canada reflects a commitment to excellence in rugby coaching and the cultivation of future leaders in the sport.  

The success of the coaching course at Upper Canada College, Toronto, on November 25th is a testament to collaboration, dedication, and support from various stakeholders. As 52 new certified rugby coaches emerge from this program, the rugby community can anticipate an elevated standard of coaching, contributing to the continued growth and success of the sport. Special thanks go to all those involved, from partners and hosts to educators and mentor coaches, for their collective commitment to advancing rugby coaching excellence, with heartfelt gratitude to CISAA for their invaluable support. 


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Jocelyn Poirier

Rugby Development Manager



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