Rugby Ontario and Mixed Ability Sport’s All-In-Rugby Cup is a 7-a-side flag rugby tournament that features Mixed Ability Rugby teams from across the province.

Mixed Ability is a social movement within sports, actively promoting inclusion and equality through a sense of belonging and membership to a group, team or club.

Mixed Ability enables people of all abilities and life experiences to take part in community sports, without being separated, classified or labelled.

Date: July 30th 2023

Location: Peterborough Pagans Rugby Club

Nicholls Oval – 725 Armour Rd, Peterborough, ON K9H 2A1

Match Schedule

A9:30 AMLokis V. PeterboroughEast Field
A9:30 AMThors V. Muddy York BlueWest Field
B10:10 AMOdins V. Muddy York GoldEast Field
B10:10 AMFreyas V. Battle AxesWest Field
A11:10 AMPeterborough V. Muddy York BlueEast Field
A11:10 AMLokis V. ThorsWest Field
B11:50 AMOdins V. FreyasEast Field
B11:50 AMBattle Axes V. Muddy York GoldWest Field
A12:50 PMPeterborough V. ThorsEast Field
A12:50 PMMuddy York Blue V. LokisWest Field
B1:30 PMBattle Axes V. OdinsEast Field
B1:30 PMMuddy York Gold V. FreyasWest Field
A & B2:30 PM1st in Pool A & 1st in Pool BNicolls Oval Park

A contact game between Muddy York and Oshawa Vikings will take place at 3:30pm!

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