Mixed Ability Rugby

What is Mixed Ability Sport?

Mixed Ability Sport is an inclusive approach to sport participation that engages everyone, no matter their age, ability or experience level. It is an approach where the barriers to sport participation are removed and a supportive and welcoming environment is created.

Mixed Ability Sport is an innovative approach where variations to existing sports are created to ensure the full participation of any individual who wishes to play is possible. With no classifications, divisions or labels, all individuals come together and experience the benefits that sport and being part of a team brings.

In March 2020, the Abilities Centre partnered with International Mixed Ability Sport (IMAS) to become the exclusive administrators of Mixed Ability Sport in Canada. For more information, visit Abilities Centre website:­­­ https://abilitiescentre.org/programs/mixed-ability-sport or read the IMAS Mixed Ability Sport manifesto at: http://www.mixedabilitysports.org/mixed-ability-manifesto/

What is Mixed Ability Rugby?

Mixed Ability Rugby follows all the traditional rules and the game, with only minor variations to support mass participation. Mixed Ability Rugby can be played with any number of players up to 15 a side. Coaches use various tools, including the existing Rookie Rugby programming, to teach rugby skill. The same World Rugby Laws are followed, however currently in Ontario the games are played with flags instead of contact. Outside of Canada, the game is played with full-contact, and therefore the goal is to move towards a full-contact game in the near future. With the am of Mixed Ability Rugby being to create a fully inclusive environment, teams are made up of individuals with a mix of abilities and experience levels with rugby.

Why Rugby? Mixed Ability Sport works well with rugby, as our core values align with creating a welcoming and inclusive culture, both on and off the field, for all those involved. Our values guide the nature of the game, fostering a fun and far environment and creating athletes who become leaders in their community. Rugby is a sport that require many different strength and skills from its players. With each position on the field requiring a different type of skill, a successful rugby team needs a variety of different athletes who all have different strengths and abilities.

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