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About HSBC Rookie Rugby pres. by Honda

Rookie Rugby is the nation-wide introductory rugby program for ages 6 to 14 that provides both teachers and coaches with a safe, fun, and inclusive non-contact curriculum to introduce children to rugby.

Rookie Rugby is a game-based curriculum built on national guidelines for Health and Physical Education curriculums.

The program provides open-access, easy-to-follow game modules for leading a variety of activities that build introductory, non-contact rugby skills and provide teachers – including those that are unfamiliar with rugby – with new methods to promote physical literacy and practice Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).

Rookie Rugby Resources

The Rookie Rugby program provides clubs, schools, and community groups with all of the resources they need to develop a Rookie Rugby program: a complete games curriculum, a how-to program guidebook, promotional material, free instructor training, and inexpensive equipment:

An open-access online Rookie Rugby Games Curriculum on www.RookieRugby.ca. Each comprehensive printable Rookie Rugby game card includes the objective of the game, set-up information, LTAD stages, FMS, a step-by-step breakdown on how to play the game, as well as game progressions and coaching tips.

A complete Rookie Rugby How-To Guidebook, which includes an overview of the games, a breakdown of rules, and coaching tips for teachers, parents, and volunteers to help participants be successful on the field.

An array of Rookie Rugby Promotional Material including a promotional video, program flyers, and a presentation template which are easy to edit for your club’s use.

Rookie Rugby School Outreach Material is also available through Rugby Ontario. This material includes a Teacher Information Page, Rookie Rugby Educational Background document, and OPHEA rugby safety guidelines.

Free 90-min Rookie Rugby Instructor Training Sessions by Rugby Ontario Rookie Rugby Educators. Our Rookie Rugby Educators (seasoned rugby coaches) will demonstrate how to coach several Rookie Rugby games, provide a breakdown of fundamental rugby skills and simplified methods on how to coach them, and discuss possible adaptations to each game to allow different groups to participate inclusively.

A complete Rookie Rugby kit, which includes all the equipment needed to teach Rookie Rugby to a class of 30 students, including rugby balls, flag belts, cones, and a kit bag, is available for purchase on www.RookieRugby.ca for any schools needing equipment.

Selected clubs have access to a paid Canada Summer Jobs student through Rugby Ontario. This student, a young member of your club, spends their summer developing Rookie Rugby at your club and increasing participation opportunities at your local schools and community groups!