The Marshall League is the top Senior Men’s Rugby League in the province of Ontario. The 2022 Marshall League will consist of 16 clubs, divided into two conferences. Within each conference, the teams have been placed into four regional divisions of four. The league will open the regular season on May 14th and run for ten rounds.

Each club will field a 1st and 2nd side. The 1st XV for each club will compete in the Marshall 1st League and the 2nd XV will compete in the Marshall 2nd League. Each league will crown a league champion. The Marshall League playoffs will begin on August 13th. The results will determine the seeding for the McCormick Cup and Fall Cup.

Both the 1st and 2nd team competition points will be counted equally towards a Club Championship. The winner will be based on total1st XV and 2nd XV points.  All 10 rounds of regular season play and 2 playoff weeks will be counted.

The McCormick Cup Playoffs will feature the top seven Marshall teams and the top men’s team from the EORU. The Fall Cup will run simultaneously and will feature the next 7 Marshall teams with EORU 2 being invited to round out the bracket. The Cups will begin with Round One on September 10th. The finals will be played at Fletcher’s Fields on October 1st, 2022 as part of McCormick Cup Day.


McCormick Cup

The McCormick Cup is the title for the Marshall League. In 2019, the Brantford Harlequins defeated the Markham Irish to win the title.